Manny Machado says 'liking' picture of him in Yankees uniform was 'a mistake'

Baltimore Orioles star Manny Machado is going to be traded before the July deadline. If his social media is any indication, he might prefer a deal to the New York Yankees.

Machado may have revealed a little too much Monday, after he “liked” an Instagram post that featured him wearing a Yankees jersey. When asked about it at a press conference for the All-Star Game, Machado said he didn’t mean to “like” the post and called it “a mistake.”

What Yankees post did Manny Machado “like” on Instagram?

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Machado liked the following picture:

That’s a picture of Machado wearing a full Yankees uniform. Under the picture, you can see it was “Liked by machados13,” which is Machado’s Instagram handle.

Why did Manny Machado “like” a picture of him wearing a Yankees uniform?

According to Machado, he didn’t mean to “like” the picture. He shrugged it off as “a mistake.”

Is Manny Machado telling the truth about “liking” the Instagram picture?

What if Machado “liked” the post on purpose? Everyone knows he’s getting traded, and it wouldn’t be a surprise for him to want to go to the Yankees. The team is in a great spot right now and would really benefit from bringing him in. It makes sense that Machado would prefer that.

On the other hand, would Machado actually “like” it and risk people seeing it and calling him out? That would create unnecessary drama. And there’s also the possibility his finger did slip and he accidentally “liked” the post. That happens to the best of us.

Our verdict: He probably “liked” it on purpose and is back-tracking after people caught him. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter. Machado will be gone from the Orioles soon. He’ll play with the same level of intensity whether he gets dealt to the Yankees or to another team.

Manny Machado didn’t mean to “like” a picture of him in a Yankees uniform. (AP Photo)
Manny Machado didn’t mean to “like” a picture of him in a Yankees uniform. (AP Photo)

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