Manchester United news: Paul Pogba is not the only problem at Old Trafford, claims Jose Mourinho

Jack Rathborn
The Independent

Jose Mourinho insists Manchester United’s problems run deeper than Paul Pogba with the “ambition” also holding the club back.

The Portuguese was sacked at Old Trafford last December and despite an initial improvement, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has overseen a dismal finish to the campaign, with a sixth place finish in the Premier League.

Mourinho has now assessed the issues at his former club and insists Pogba is not the only one responsible.

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“The problems are there, you can say that these are the players, the organisation, the ambition” Mourinho told L’Equipe.

“I only say that I can not say yes when you ask if Paul was the only one responsible.”

After finishing second in 2018 with United, Mourinho claimed it was one of his greatest achievements, despite winning numerous titles in a glittering career.

“I said nine or 10 months ago that after winning eight Championships, finishing second with United may have been my greatest achievement. Now people understand,” Mourinho added.

Manchester United’s Paul Pogba celebrates (AFP/Getty Images)
Manchester United’s Paul Pogba celebrates (AFP/Getty Images)

“I do not always do my analysis publicly on Manchester United. I do not want to talk about it and I have the feeling that I do not need to speak, that time gives explanations.

“About United I want to say only two things: One is that time has spoken. Two is that the problems are still there.”

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