Manchester City 6-1 Bournemouth: Analysis

Simon Stone, BBC Sport

It is a matter of record that Jude Bellingham opted against signing for Manchester City this summer in favour of Real Madrid.

None City fans are thankful of that given how well Bellingham has adapted to La Liga.

However, if it is possible for someone who cost £55m to be under the radar, that is Jeremy Doku.

But, overcoming the initial shyness identified by Pep Guardiola, Doku has brought something to City that they didn't have, an explosiveness on the ball.

Where Jack Grealish and Riyad Mahrez before him carry the ball at opponents, then move one way or the other with close control, Doku bursts into space.

In his press conference, Guardiola used hand movements and noises to amplify what he meant. A kind of Swoosh was the general gist.

Basically, when someone has Doku's pace and explosiveness from a standing start, it makes them exceptionally difficult to stop. Being in the right position in itself is not going to be enough.

City didn't get Bellingham. But in a very different way, Doku might have just as big an impact as the England man.