Manchester City 0-0 Arsenal: Analysis

Davis Raya
[Getty Images]

Arsenal’s late collapse in last season’s Premier League title race almost means every game is a proving ground for their character and mentality when the pressure is at its height.

The Gunners have reached that stage of the campaign again and there is no tougher examination that a visit to Manchester City, where they have lost eight games and won one since their last victory in January 2015.

Arsenal’s goalless draw may have conceded the lead to Liverpool, who are now two points clear at the top after coming behind to beat Brighton at Anfield, but Mikel Arteta’s side will have left Manchester with renewed conviction that they will be staying the course without cracking this time.

This was a desperately poor game but Arsenal and Arteta can draw great satisfaction from the manner in which they able to subdue City, leaving keeper David Raya virtually untroubled and master marksman Erling Haaland marginalised.

If there is a criticism, it would be Arsenal had few attacks of their own. There was no risk so no reward.

Time will tell of this was one point gained or two lost – but what is beyond doubt is that this is a more resilient and mentally stronger Arsenal than the one that fell apart at this stage last season.

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