Man willing to lose eyesight to become ‘space elf’

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Luis, a 25-year-old from Argentina, was a man on a mission to become a “space elf” when he visited Dr. Nassif and Dr. Dubrow on Botched hoping they could help get him a little closer to that goal. Luis had already done quite a bit himself. He’s bleached his skin, hair, and eyebrows; had nose surgery and jaw liposuction for a smaller nose and a better jawline respectively; and had five laser eye surgeries in India to try to turn his eye color purple. Luis said he also wants to get his ears cut to be pointy like an elf’s. For now, he wears fake elf ears, of which Luis has 12 pairs.

The doctors were shocked when Luis first mention the multiple eye surgeries. Dr. Dubrow asked, “You are willing to risk blindness to have your eye color changed?” “Yes. No risk, no gain,” Luis replied. But Luis wasn’t there to change his eye color or get his ears snipped, he was just hoping to get his nose straightened and made smaller, and for his jawline to be made more symmetrical.

During the consultation, Dr Nassif explained to Luis that if he made his nose smaller, he’d barely be able to breath through it. Luis was surprisingly okay with not being able to breath through his nose. But it was when the doctors were checking out Luis’s eyes that they found something that changed his thinking, well, at least about the whole blindness thing.

“After five laser surgeries,” Dr. Dubrow told Luis, “you have a hole in the pupil of your eye. This is an area you just do not mess with. If you lose your vision, your life is irreversibly changed forever.” Luis replied, “I can live without breathing, but without my sight, it would be impossible.”

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