Man ruins father's proposal to girlfriend in 'awkward' moment

TikTok can’t seem to get enough of the moment a man’s brother uncomfortably ruined their father’s proposal to his girlfriend . On Jan. 23, Presley Walker, a model, shared a clip in which his father is seen sharing his feelings with his girlfriend at a restaurant. As the father is about to propose, Walker’s brother Jake seems unbothered and audibly crunches on a chip with his eyes closed. As Presley’s brother reaches for another chip, the model immediately slaps his hand away in an effort to get him to stop. The TikTok then shows Presley’s father embracing his now-fiancée — with another crunch — presumably from Jake — heard in the background. The embarrassing episode has since received over 4 million views and plenty of mixed responses from fellow users. “Jake can propose to me with a tortilla chip any day,” one person joked. “Im sorry but that is so awkward,” a second quipped