A man keeps unfurling 'Trump Won' banners at MLB ballparks, but he hasn't been arrested

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Fans unroll a banner in support of former president Donald Trump during a game between the Toronto Blue Jays and the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium on May 27, 2021. Sarah Stier/Getty Images
  • A man named Dion Cini has unfurled "Trump Won" banners at multiple MLB stadiums this season.

  • Cini has posted bodycam videos of himself hanging the banners and interacting with security.

  • Some footage shows police protecting him from angry fans and letting him keep the banner.

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A man has unfurled banners that read "Trump Won, Save America" in at least three MLB stadiums this season.

The man, named Dion Cini, has taken his message to Yankee Stadium, Citi Field, and Fenway Park. Although he's been ejected from each stadium, Cini and his accomplices haven't been arrested.

Following each incident, Cini has posted body-camera footage of the spectacle to his Twitter and Youtube channels. The reactions he's gotten from fans and security have differed each time; in one case, police even protected Cini from angry fans.

Insider has reached out to MLB and Cini for comment, but did not receive a response in time for publication.

Cini debuted the banner at Yankee Stadium

Cini unfurled the first Trump banner at Yankee Stadium on May 27, in a game between the New York Yankees and Toronto Blue Jays. Cini and his accomplice were kicked out of that game, but once security brought them outside the stadium, they were allowed to keep the flag.

"I'll respect you all day long, just throw the same respect back to the cops and to my guys," a Yankees security guard told Cini. "I got no problem with Trump. I got no problem with the Trump flag!"

Citi Field police protected Cini from other fans

Two days after the Yankee Stadium incident, Cini and a group of accomplices hung a banner from the upper deck at Citi Field during a New York Mets game against the Atlanta Braves. Security officials asked the men for their IDs, the footage shows, which they refused to hand over. So the guards escorted them to a group of police in the stadium.

"They need your IDs because they want them because they're going to trespass you," one police officer said. "Let them ID you and you can leave like a gentleman."

But while Cini was talking to the police, a fan shoved him from behind. Two policemen then slammed the fan against the wall, tackled him to the ground, and escorted him out of the stadium in handcuffs, the footage shows.

Police let Cini and his accomplices leave Citi Field freely with the banner and didn't give them a ticket.

"You can come back any time, just not tonight," a Mets security guard told them in the footage. "Tomorrow is a different day."

Security put their foot down at Fenway Park

Then most recently, Cini and an accomplice hung a banner at Fenway Park on Monday, during a Boston Red Sox game against the Miami Marlins.

According to body-camera footage posted to Cini's Twitter account, Red Sox security escorted him out of the park, saying he violated the stadium rules. They did not give Cini the banner back.

A spokesperson for the Red Sox told WCVB Boston that Cini violated the team's policy prohibiting signs of any kind to be hung or affixed to the ballpark.

Cini said on Twitter that he might file larceny charges against the Red Sox organization if the banner is not returned.

On Tuesday, Cini's acts spurred a copycat attempt in Florida. Five people were removed from the Miami Marlins game against the Colorado Rockies, after they unfurled a pair of banners from the upper decks at Loan Depot Park, according to NBC Miami. The signs read: "Trump Won, Take Back America" and "Proud Boys Did Nothing Wrong - Free All Political Prisoners 1/6/21."

Trump's baseless accusations of voter fraud and a rigged election have all been debunked.

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