Man follows through on tattoo he said he'd get if England made World Cup quarterfinals

England celebrates after its round of 16 win over Colombia.
England celebrates after its round of 16 win over Colombia.

You have to appreciate a person willing to follow through on his or her word, no matter how stupid that word is.

When the England World Cup roster was announced in May, an England supporter said he would get the names of every player on the roster tattooed on himself if England made the quarterfinals.

Well, England’s win over Colombia meant the Three Lions were part of the World Cup’s final eight. And Dan Welch made good on his word. Or at least appeared to, anyway.

It’s an interesting font choice for the roster, but those of us who pay attention to dumb details have to be impressed with his choice of the alphabetical roster. The list leads off with manager Gareth Southgate and then goes from A to Y on the player roster.

Welch should have to get a border around the trophy if England makes the semifinals. If England somehow wins the entire World Cup he needs to have a World Cup Trophy emblazoned around the roster. That would only be appropriate given the lengths he apparently went to just for a quarterfinal appearance.

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Nick Bromberg is a writer for Yahoo Sports.

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