Man finds Andrew Luck's wallet, returns it and gets a nice surprise

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Imagine finding a lost wallet in Indianapolis, trying to figure out who it belongs to and discovering it’s the property of perhaps the city’s most famous figure.

Good thing for Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck that he didn’t have his $32 million signing bonus stuffed in his wallet. Luck lost his wallet earlier this year, according to the Indianapolis Star. However, it ended up back in his hands thanks to a good deed.

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According to Haleigh Hoffman, a TV producer at RTV6 in Indianapolis, her friend’s dad named Charles found the lost wallet on a bike ride. And he did what any good samaritan would do when he found a lost wallet: He brought it back to its owner, untouched.

Man who returned Luck’s wallet doesn’t want publicity

The Star said Luck got his wallet back intact after Charles returned it. RTV6 said Charles took it to a security guard at the Colts training complex, and it ended up with the quarterback. As surprised as Charles must have been to find the wallet of one of the NFL’s biggest stars, Luck had to be just as surprised when his wallet was returned to him with everything still in it. 

It’s not like Charles did it for publicity. After Hoffman shared the story and it got traction, she said her friend’s dad didn’t want to speak to the media about his good deed.

Luck sent the person who found his wallet a nice gift

Charles was rewarded, however, with a great gift: Luck sent him a signed football and a thank you card that said he was reminded of the “kindness of strangers.”

All’s well that ends well. Luck got his wallet back, and even if you’re a millionaire NFL quarterback it can be a pain to replace everything after you lose your wallet. Charles got a pretty cool and meaningful gift from Luck. And Charles reminded us all that there are some good people out there willing to do the right thing, just because.

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck lost his wallet, but a man who found it on a bike ride returned it. (AP)
Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck lost his wallet, but a man who found it on a bike ride returned it. (AP)

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