Man claims he accidentally bought an Arby's menu sign instead of a TV

TikTok user h1t1 shared a video in which he explained how a thrifty electronics purchase went wrong — or so he claimed. “Someone really just sold me a flat screen TV for $25,” he wrote in the video. “I go home and hook it up and a mf arbys menu pops up”. On Oct. 5, a Twitter user claimed someone sold him a television that turned out to be a McDonald’s menu in a viral post. There’s a chance this is all a prank and a parody of that tweet, and h1t1 merely loaded an Arby’s menu sign to a functioning television himself. Of course, it could all be a part of a growing trend in which people are stealing menu signs and selling them as televisions. either way, commenters found the alleged mishap to be hilarious. “I’m freaking crying,” one user said. “Arby’s ads are getting more creative by the second,” another wrote. Arby’s responded in the comments of the video. “We’ve been looking for this” . “Arby’s may have the meats but I have the menu,” he said in a follow-up video