Man City and Man United will give us the title race we have wanted for years

FC Yahoo

The Premier League may not necessarily be the best league in the world, but it almost certainly offers the highest concentration of “world-class” managers.

When Pep Guardiola and Jose Mourinho came to Manchester last season, most of us believed they would occupy the top two slots of the table of much of the season—FC Yahoo was by no means the only outlet to make this prediction.

After falling short of that expectation in their Freshman Manchester seasons, it looks as if Pep and Mou are laying down the grounds for a thrilling title race in their sophomore year. Both teams boast identical records after five games, offering the hope of a thrilling two-horse gallop over the next 33 games.

This is the title race for which Premier League fans have been longing for years.

But who will come out on top? Take a look at FC Yahoo’s latest video and be sure to give us your opinions.

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