Man City 3-1 West Ham: What Guardiola said

Pep Guardiola
[Getty Images]

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola speaking to Sky Sports: "For Arsenal to push us to another level - this one has been incredible.

"We get the message, we know they will be there for many years. Mikel Arteta is a young manager with big talent. They sent us a message that you have to be careful for the next few years!

"When I moved here if someone had said I would win six leagues in seven seasons I would say you are insane - no way. Now is our period."

On what their secret to success is: "I do not know. A lot of work. I am not saying I am a bad manager but I have incredible support from the club. We have this work ethic, everyone does their job and every department is so important. This is the truth and the reality."

On whether he was thinking about making history by winning four in a row: "Not in the beginning but in January/February, I said no-one has done it, so why not? Always, from past experience, we think about the titles with two months left. In November and December it is not good to think of it."

On staying at the club: "The reality is I am closer to leaving than staying. We have talked with the club - my feeling is that I want to stay now. I will stay next season and during that season we will talk. But at eight or nine years - we will see."