Man calls out wife’s family over their ‘ridiculous’ dinnertime tradition: ‘She is lucky you still go at all’

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A husband is taking a stance against being treated like a babysitter for his nieces and nephews. 

He vented his frustrations on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. His in-laws host family dinners twice a week. He is the only person who isn’t a blood relative. The trouble is every time he goes, he is relegated to watching his four nieces and nephews. Whenever he asks for help, the other adults refuse. 

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“I didn’t originally mind these dinners,” he wrote. “But because I am my nephews’ and nieces’ favorite person, they have morphed into a situation where I look after and play with all the kids. My wife, her siblings and her parents sit at the table being adults while I have to be a babysitter. I don’t mind doing this once a fortnight, but twice a week is too much for me. I’ve asked them for help, but they mostly just ignore me or tell me they don’t want to interrupt our playtime. Because of this, I’ve decreased my attendance to once every two weeks. This didn’t bother my wife in the beginning, but recently, she’s become quite upset.” 

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His wife expressed her disappointment, but the Reddit poster held his ground. 

“Apparently, while I’m not there, they confine the toddlers to high chairs with tablets to watch Netflix, and the two seven-year-olds play by themselves,” he explained. “My wife confronted me and told me I need to show up more. When I told her I didn’t want to, she pushed and said I was an a****** for not coming. So I bluntly told her I was sick of feeling like a babysitter/the older child at the kids’ table. I miss out on conversations with their family and feel like I’m being excluded because I’m the only partner there. I feel bad for not playing with my nieces/nephews more, but it’s fairly exhausting keeping an eye on four kids at once (respect to all parents with that many kids or more). She didn’t take this well and has been angry at me since.”

Reddit users thought the husband’s request fair. 

“She is lucky you still go at all,” one person commented

“Stick to your guns, this is ridiculous behavior on her part, expecting you to be the babysitter,” another wrote

“It’s incredibly rude of her to leave you as the babysitter twice a week like that,” a user said

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