Man called out after proposing ‘selfish’ relationship idea to his girlfriend

A man called out his friend for being a hypocrite to his fiancée. He shared the story on Reddit's "Am I the A******" forum. His friend Nick refused to marry his girlfriend Sophie unless she agreed to an open relationship. He wanted an open relationship so he could see Anna, a girl from college who he always had a thing for. Eventually, Sophie agreed, but when she decided to see other people, Nick accused her of cheating. "Now the issue is that Nick showed up at my house last weekend with a suitcase absolutely livid and asked to crash on my couch" . "He said Sophie had gone out to dinner and had sex with a male model and that she was cheating because he hadn't had the chance to see Anna and it was unfair for her to see someone so much hotter than Anna". "I basically laughed at him and told him this is exactly what was going to happen. That he was being selfish expecting Sophie not to see anyone or to see people less attractive than her". "He went off on me for not being supportive and stormed out and is trying to turn our friend group against me for not supporting him". Reddit users thought Nick got exactly what was coming to him. "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes," a person wrote