A man was badly beaten on Duval Street in Key West. Police are looking for multiple suspects

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A 45-year-old Key West man was beaten by a group of men and left lying in his own blood on Duval Street early Tuesday morning.

James Matthew McKibben was airlifted to Jackson South Medical Center in Kendall after police found him at 1:48 a.m., according to the incident report.

Police had made no arrests as of Wednesday afternoon, police spokeswoman Alyson Crean said.

“They are investigating and checking with surrounding businesses to see if anything was caught on camera,” Crean added.

The police report states the aggravated battery happened at 431 Duval, which is near Fleming Street. But Officer Randy Perez wrote in the report that he responded to 215 Duval St. and found McKibben.

A 41-year-old Key West man told police he was riding his bicycle on Duval and saw McKibben getting into an argument with a group of six men.

“He told McKibben to let it go and stop arguing,” Perez wrote.

The witness kept riding his bike until he heard screaming. That’s when he turned around to find six men kicking and stomping McKibben, who was on the ground, police reported.

The witness said he rode his bike toward the men and they subsequently ran away. He followed them as they turned onto Appelrouth Lane.

That’s when a man described as short, heavyset with red hair and wearing a red shirt chased the witness, who rode away and lost sight of the group.

Asked by police if he could identify the men in a photo lineup, the witness said he could not.

By 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Key West Police Detective Karl Malsheimer had found video of the assault and the suspects from several locations, the report states.