Mallgoers take a bite out of Gob Day

Jan. 29—JOHNSTOWN — Saturday was extra sweet in the Johnstown Galleria for the mall's 13th annual Gob Day.

Those at the event had their choice of a variety of the local favorite from 10 different businesses or organizations with many vendors and items selling out hours before the event ended.

Jeff Reese of Salix works in the mall and says he attends the event each year to check it out.

"They always get a lot of people each year and it's always a great event so I always try to stop by," he said.

Reese was at the booth of Platt out Jonesin' from Central City, and said he was looking at the bakery's gobs.

"They are the only ones here to offer gluten-free gobs and I need to have gluten-free," he said.

Alexandria Jones, the owner of the bakery said this was her second Gob Day and described the event as exciting.

Karen Oleska of Life's a Treat Bakery in Brownstown said that she has been attending since the bakery opened in 2016. She said that she started the event with 15 different flavors of gobs but was down to just a handful of gobs by 11:30 a.m.

Oleska said that one thing she likes about the event is the crowd but that is one thing that kept her workers away due to the pandemic and forced her to bring family instead.

She added that the crowds continued to be as large as most years

"The crowds are still amazing. I can't believe there are that many with as cold as it was. I was surprised there were that many people," Oleska said.

As for what was selling the most? Oleska said for her, traditional gobs were the most popular. Customers also left the Life's a Treat Booth with banana nut and peanut butter gobs as some of the more popular selections.