Maliek Collins describes the challenge of playing the Dolphins

The Houston Texans are in for another tough matchup this week against the Miami Dolphins, who have been among the NFL’s best teams in 2022. Led by a high-octane offense featuring receivers Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle, the Texans will need to put on a masterclass to even come close to a win against such a capable opponent.

Defensive lineman Maliek Collins was featured in Houston’s Tuesday press conference and shared his thoughts on the Week 12 matchup. Asked what he has seen from the Dolphins on film, Collins said that Miami brings an innovative edge to their gameplans, especially relative to the way quarterback Tua Tagovailoa utilizes his offensive weapons.

“That’s a dynamic team, a dynamic offense,” Collins said. “He’s obviously having a great season. To come back from that concussion earlier in the season and get right back in line and keep progressing. We’ve got a challenge.”

Reporters also asked about what he thinks had led to the Dolphins’ resurgence in 2022, to which Collins responded with confidence that one factor, in particular, has had a huge effect.

“Big plays for sure,” He explained. “Having an explosive offense. Their defense has been good for the past three or four years, just seeing them. Big plays really. You have to limit those big plays and keep everything in the bottle defensively.”

Though this is slated to be an uphill battle for Houston, the team will at least have the benefit of knowing what they’re up against and be able to play with absolute abandon against an opponent that has everything to lose. Miami is currently sitting atop the AFC East standings and could slip from its pedestal with a loss to the Texans.

For Houston fans, this matchup could be an intriguing one if the Texans can even manage to keep it close heading into the fourth quarter.

Story originally appeared on Texans Wire