Malcolm In The Middle's Frankie Muniz wants to buy the Los Angeles Clippers

Kevin Kaduk
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Malcolm In The Middle's Frankie Muniz wants to buy the Los Angeles Clippers
Malcolm In The Middle's Frankie Muniz wants to buy the Los Angeles Clippers

Frankie Muniz lives the good life after building a fortune through appearing on 151 episodes of "Malcolm In The MIddle." He races cars, plays a lot of golf and jams on the drums in a rock band. 

As cool as that might seem, Muniz's lifestyle might get even cooler if a new opportunity comes to pass. The 28-year-old former child star is a huge Los Angeles Clippers fan and might be interested in being a part of a potential ownership group if and when Donald Sterling puts the team up for sale after receiving a lifetime ban from the NBA on Tuesday.

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Muniz described himself as a long-time fan of the team in an entertaining Facebook update on Tuesday. He originally became a fan while playing NBA Live '95 on Super Nintendo, always choosing the then-anonymous Clippers because it was easy to delete their players and create his family in the starting lineup. 

"To be honest, they were the only team that I didn't know who any of the players on the team were, so I didn't mind deleting them and making myself, my mom, dad and my cats (Polly and Pete) the new starting lineup for the team on the game," Muniz wrote of his days growing up a Clippers fan in New Jersey of all places. "From that day forward in 1994, I have been a die-hard Clippers fan. I spent many days going to every sports store I could to find any Clippers memorabilia, but back then, it was pretty much impossible. So when I did find something, I bought everything I could that had a Clippers logo on it."

Muniz became a Clippers season ticket holder after "Malcolm In The Middle" started airing on Fox in 2000 and used to beg his producers to schedule filming around the days he had tickets. Muniz says he attended every game until 2008, when he moved to Phoenix.  ("Malcolm" ended in 2006.) 

"Living in Los Angeles as a Clippers fan was not easy," Muniz wrote on Tuesday. "I was constantly ridiculed over being a fan of the 'bad' L.A. team. That never bothered me. To me, all the losses made the rare win that much more enjoyable."

Muniz said he was never a fan of the controversial Donald Sterling, who has become a national talking point after his racist remarks were made public last weekend. The actor, however, believes that the Clippers are in prime position to win the first NBA title in franchise history.

"I always stated as a young teen in interviews my dream was to one day own the L.A. Clippers!" Muniz said.

So with the talented Clippers now ensconced among the NBA's elite on the court, could we see Muniz living the dream as an NBA owner? Well, he had a famous Twitter exchange back in 2010 when he told a troll that he was sitting on a $40 million retirement account at the age of 19.  That's not nearly enough to buy the whole franchise, but maybe a Hollywood friend with deeper pockets would let him in on a small taste.

Or, heck, maybe he could convince another basketball-loving friend to join him.

Dear old dad supposedly made about $80 million out in a RV in New Mexico after all. 

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