The Malcolm Butler answer is coming, even if it might not have full clarity

I mentioned earlier today that an upcoming episode of The Dynasty: New England Patriots will answer the question of what happened with cornerback Malcolm Butler in Super Bowl LII. That possibly is too strong and clear of a statement.

I haven't seen it. Multiple reporters who have watched the episode in question contend that the question isn't answered. In the end, it could be a matter of interpretation.

For now, here's what director/executive producer Matthew Hamacheck said about it, during a recent appearance on WEEI: "The answer is that there is no definitive answer because there's only two people that know it and it's Bill Belichick and Malcolm Butler, right? And both of them seem to — at least Malcolm says he doesn't know. . . . I think we're not going to give away what was said in the moment, but I think that Robert Kraft is probably the person who is the most forthright about what he heard the situation is and I think the folks who are listening right now have to wait until, you know, episode nine comes out, you know, I think around March 15th to sort of figure out what that is. But I think that comment that Robert makes right after Bill responds is probably the biggest revelation as far as the Malcolm Butler situation goes."

I had heard that response before bringing it up on Thursday with Hamachek. I compared the situation to Chiefs coach Andy Reid not reacting to tight end Travis Kelce yelling in his face and bumping him during Super Bowl LVIII by benching him, which would have sent a message but which also would have hurt the team's broader objectives. Clearly, Belichick had a reason for not playing Butler, and it appeared to harm the team's effort to win the game against the Eagles.

Here's what Hamachek said about it on #PFTPM: "I think there's a level of mental exhaustion that also comes into play because of how rigid the system is and the culture is and everything. When you win at the end of the year and you're hoisting the Lombardi Trophy over your head, all of it's worth it. But what happens when the players feel as if a decision has been made that may have cost them that, but they still had to go through a really, really tough year? And yes, we ask everybody basically, and you see me do this, 'What happened with Malcolm Butler?' And one person gives an answer that I think gives you a much bigger clue as to what happened. But I think the important thing there is that you also see the team sort of unraveling a bit. And one of the journalists who was actually in the locker room with the Patriots afterwards, half-jokingly but half-seriously, says that it felt almost like there was a mutiny beginning to form after that Super Bowl was over. You know, there were so many different moments where I was sitting and asking these questions and my sort of — my jaw was on the floor and hearing the players talk about what it felt like in that locker room afterwards was certainly one of them."

So will there be an answer? If so, will it provide any real clarity? We'll find out in episode nine. Regardless, it sounds like we'll be hearing more about it than we ever have before.