What’s making the Yankees the best team in baseball? | Baseball Bar-B-Cast

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Video Transcript

It is nice when things in major league baseball really in life go how you expect them to, right?

I said this a bunch last week.

I'm stupid and I like when the predictable occurs and the Yankees pummeling the white sox three times was exactly that didn't have to think too hard.

They uh they went 6 to 1, they win 7 to 2 and they win the first game of the series.

4 to 2.

The big news though for the Yankees two homers each from Stanton Judge and SOTO a lot was made of Aaron Judge's cold start.

His op si believe is 973.

That's a hell of a cold start, dude.

Obviously judge and SOTO will continue to get the attention, not that they don't deserve it, but it is, it is this starting pitching that has been some of the best in baseball without the reigning Cy Young, right?

And I am really interested about what happens with this Yankees rotation as goal as Ger Cole hopefully comes back because while yes, it's the obvious thing, if you just look at the workloads and the experiences that Louis Hill will go to the bullpen and that's fine.

Um, but Luis has been awesome.

I know 14 strikeouts in one walk against the White Sox is not the same as doing it against other baseball teams, but he has been tremendous now.

He threw what, four innings last year?

So even though the Yankees aren't saying there is an innings limit, I have to imagine they will be keeping an eye on that.

Schmidt has also been fantastic.

So good problem to have Yankees pitching are, but the Yankees pitching I would say is a bigger reason why we view them as clearly one of the best teams in baseball.

It's not judged and soto in my opinion, I mean, it is that, but it's not only that I think like with Louise Hill, MLB should have, you know, there was the bereavement list and there's the, the paternity list, there should be like a paid vacation list which I know is kind of a il what do you say?

Like, hey, bro, we don't need you right now.

Like, take it, take it easy, you, he's earned it too, right.

This isn't even like a situation where it's like you, he's the fact that he's already gone.

Five and one.

How many, I mean, how many they must have won at least seven or eight of his starts by now.

Like Louis Hill should be able to go to Cancun for two weeks on the Yankees dime and just stay in shape whenever Garrett Cole comes back and then, you know, if they need him in the bullpen, they need him in the bullpen.

But if you wanna reduce guys workloads, like, I, I guess I understand that, but don't make them go to like Scranton for being too good.

I'm not going to be better than you thought.

Yeah, like, you know, Spencer Turnbull, right, who got bumped from the Phillies rotation when Tyler Walker got back, he should be able to go to vacation for a little bit.

Louis Hill's been awesome.

Carlos, uh, looking good again generally.

And yeah, this and now we have this fantastic week of pitching coming up in the Bronx with, uh, the Mariners coming to town for Fort.