What makes a superstar in the NBA?

The term ‘superstar’ is overused in the NBA. That title should be reserved for the league’s top five or ten players. Fortunately, the Boston Celtics have had plenty of superstar talent throughout the years. From the great Bill Russell to Kevin Garnett and Tommy Heinsohn to Larry Bird. A superstar transcends the sport of basketball.

In a recent episode of Garnett’s “KG Certified” podcast, he and Paul Pierce discuss the different aspects that go into a player elevating themselves from being a star to becoming a genuine superstar within the NBA. Both former Celtics’ enjoyed being labeled with the ‘superstar’ title during their careers and are revered as such within the city of Boston.

The discussion is likely centered around the rise in superstar-level talent emerging in the NBA today, including Boston’s own Jayson Tatum, who continues to prove his value as a do-it-all forward operating as the best player on the best team in the league.

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire