Major League Fishing promoting Massena in calendar, magazine

Nov. 16—MASSENA — Massena fishing will get a boost through its inclusion in a Major League Fishing calendar and magazine.

Donald R. Meissner, the town of Massena's sports-fishing promotion director, said the annual calendar ads that are featured by Major League Fishing in its Bass Fishing magazine and calendar highlight the areas of the country where the tournaments are being held.

He said Massena will be prominently featured in the August section of the calendar, the month that Major League Fishing will be hosting tournaments on the St. Lawrence River.

"The tournaments are now over for the year, but the planning, the orchestration for them is going on big time nationally. There are changes with the biggest organizations, and Massena was the first one to be contacted. They told us they wanted to let us know all the different ways that their new marketing approach can help Massena specifically, the things that we can specifically do to highlight Massena," Meissner told the Massena Town Board.

He said Massena's calendar ad will be seen around the world.

"They have national calendars that they send out to every single person that's on their list, which is all the professional fishermen, all the casual fishermen around the country, and Massena has an ad in August because that's when their tournaments are going to come here," he said. "A great many people will see the ad from Massena, including municipal leaders, anglers from around the United States and Canada, as well as throughout Europe and Asia, where the sport of fishing has gained in popularity and support. The home of the St. Lawrence River now can have their identity spread around the globe."

Meissner said grant funding supported the cost of the advertisement.

"We sent the information into New York state because the grants cover this type of thing. The Market NY staff felt that this was a good utilization of grant dollars because they approved the use of grant funding to help support the cost of the ad that will feature Massena during the month of August 2024," he said.

"Funding was already in the grant budget for publication pieces, but the calendar highlights the communities that host these events and gives even greater significance to the use of state grant funding to around-the-world promotion that bring recognition to New York state and the north country."