Magic troll Blake Griffin for using tablet to argue with a referee (PHOTO)

Dane Delgado
NBC Sports

This week Blake Griffin may have crossed a line we might never come back from. The Detroit Pistons star used a tablet during a break in the action on Friday to argue with referee JT Orr about a play just moments prior.

NBA teams have film ready almost immediately via a tablet on sidelines for coaching purposes, but Griffin decided to adapt the technology for his own use. It’s not clear whether this is allowed, and the league will probably look into it and come to a conclusion about a rule.

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Griffin’s tablet usage came in a loss against the Indiana Pacers, but the Pistons will soldier on. Sunday night they’ll take on the Orlando Magic in Central Florida, and as a playful jab before that matchup, the Magic’s social media team put together a little troll of Griffin.

Via Twitter:

Instagram Photo
Instagram Photo

That screenshot really is ripe for potential meme-ing. Hopefully basketball twitter decides to use it in the future.

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