Magic Johnson says he’ll resign if Lakers don’t sign elite free agents in next two years

What’s with Lakers front-office heads pledging to resign if they fail?

Jim Buss pledged to resign if the Lakers didn’t contend, making at least the second round of the playoffs – though he was always murky on his time limit.

Magic Johnson already pledged to resign if he couldn’t do the job.

Now, Johnson is getting more specific.

Greg Beacham of the Associated Press:

The Lakers are in the running for LeBron James and Paul George this summer. Though the Spurs have reportedly shut the door on trading Kawhi Leonard to Los Angeles, the Lakers could try to sign him – and other stars – in 2019. There are plenty of possibilities.

If they all fall through, expect Johnson to reframe his pledge. Whomever the Lakers get as fallbacks will be the job-saving stars he desired.

Either way in the meantime, as well as Johnson has performed as team president so far, sounding like Jim Buss doesn’t exactly instill confidence.