Magic Johnson on Donald Sterling: 'He shouldn't own a team anymore' (Video)

Magic Johnson was the Instagram subject that caused the alleged fight between Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and his girlfriend V. Stiviano. Sterling allegedly not only objected to his girlfriend “associating” with African-Americans, but also “broadcast” it by sharing pictures of such innocuous interactions online. In a tape originally found by TMZ, a voice that is said to be that of Sterling’s went on to tell Stiviano that he didn’t want African-Americans “at my games.”

Johnson immediately disassociated himself with Sterling on Twitter, telling his followers that he would not be going to any Clipper games “as long as Donald Sterling is the owner.” The fellow Los Angeles sports team owner, in this case the Dodgers, then was asked to share his feelings about the leaked tape on ABC/ESPN’s "NBA Countdown" on Sunday afternoon.

Here’s a clip of the discussion.

Here are some snippets from Magic’s comments:

"I was really upset. You can't understand how hurt I was, and also I was hurt for all African-Americans and all minorities."


"Donald Sterling has had issues in the past, so this is not the first time."


"There's no place in our society for it. There's no place in our league."


"This is not good, not just for the league, for America, this is not good."

Johnson also claimed to have a friendship and working relationship with Sterling, but concluded in the end that Donald Sterling “shouldn’t own a team anymore.”

With the Clippers playing on Sunday and returning home on Tuesday to face a jittery home crowd that may or may not include Donald Sterling at his typical courtside seat, one expects new NBA commisioner Adam Silver to come down quickly in making a decision as to how to handle the potential suspension of the longtime Clippers owner.

What happens from there, for the Los Angeles owner who has refused for years to even considering selling his club despite the pleas of both Clipper fans and NBA executives, remains to be seen.

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