Magic CEO retires, but not before talking to Dwight Howard after ‘a couple of glasses of wine’

To most cognizant NBAniks, Orlando Magic CEO Bob Vander Weide is a familiar presence on the Magic's sideline. The son-in-law of Magic owner Rich DeVos has been a member of the Magic front office since 1992, and he recently retired just a few weeks before his contract was to expire on Dec. 31. To hear Vander Weide tell it, he wanted to see his team through the NBA's recent labor negotiations before stepping down, and he's looking forward to becoming "more of a fan than an executive."

And, in one of his final moves, he got to pull off the ultimate fan move. Vander Weide apparently drunk dialed got in touch with superstar center Dwight Howard at around 1 in the morning last week, telling the All-Star that he loves him, man.

From the Bright House Sports Network (via Zach Lowe):

Vander Weide confirmed that he made a 1 a.m. phone call in recent days to Magic superstar Dwight Howard, and Howard thought Vander Weide may have been intoxicated. On that call, Vander Weide told Howard how much the Magic wanted to keep him in Orlando.  "I was playing paddle with friends and had a couple of glasses of wine," Vander Weide told BHSN.  "Maybe Dwight thought it was inappropriate to talk business after a couple of glasses of wine... Maybe I should have waited until the morning."

Oh, paddle and wine. Bringing CEOs and Defensive Players of the Year together for decades. Certainly preferable to, say, rye whiskey and "hide the violin from Pappy," which is just no good for anyone involved.

There are rumors of issues between Vander Weide and his wife/boss' daughter, but Vander Weide assured BHSN that "there is no divorce." For now, his focus appears to be fixated upon pushing the new collective bargaining agreement through so that the players and owners can sign off on it, and NBA blogs can stop "reporting" on drunk dials late-night phone calls between team executives and franchise players.

(Also, what the hell is "paddle"?)

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