That madness in college basketball? Well, there's some madness in the NBA this season, too

Dwight Jaynes
·3 min read
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Madness isn't just for NCAA basketball, it's right there this season in the NBA, too originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest

A few thoughts on basketball, and how madness exists in the colleges and the pros:

  • I haven’t found the NCAA’s March Madness very compelling in recent years, partly because I’ve grown so tired of all the cliches from those who still believe the college game is somehow more interesting than the NBA.

  • “The kids in college play harder,” is the persistent cliche that rankles me the most. They don’t. They play 40-minute games, seldom on back-to-back nights, with timeouts every few minutes and STILL don’t have to exert the kind of effort that’s needed to survive in the NBA. It takes NBA rookies a full season, sometimes, to understand the effort needed just to stay on the court.

  • Which reminds me, it takes forever to play the final five minutes of a college game – it’s crazy. Cut back on the timeouts.

  • And why do the best players not play the entire 40 minutes? There are so many rest breaks built into the college games they should have no problem playing an entire game.

  • Pac-12 fans, coaches and players complaining about a lack of respect? Yes, the conference is having a great run this season. But seriously, did you see this coming? And is this a sign that the conference has become a basketball power again? The women's side has been strong for years now, but I'll wait for the men's teams to show it for more than one season.

  • Basketball fans in Oregon are tired of players named Luka.

  • The Ducks' Chris Duarte looks like a solid NBA player to me.

  • If you think NBA referees aren’t the best, watch a college game.

  • Speaking of the NBA, I’ve been covering the league for decades and have never seen a season like this one. There are too many games jammed into too few days and it has led to poor performances and injuries. Talk about March Madness – the NBA trying to march through a schedule like this is real madness.

  • I have a feeling it’s going to get nothing but worse. Players aren’t getting enough rest and are in harm’s way too frequently without proper recovery time. And teams are having trouble being consistent because of fatigue and lack of prep time for opponents.

  • Games against the same opponent on back-to-back nights are one thing – at least the teams have the same amount of rest and preparation time. But having one team resting the night before playing a team on the second of back-to-backs is not fair. That needs to be ended.

  • It may be time to move the NBA three-point line back a few feet and do away with the corner three. Balance is needed in the game and I wouldn’t mind seeing games no longer being the crapshoot that comes from both teams shooting 40-50 three-point shots a game.

  • And on those nights when neither team is making threes, it’s a very ugly game.

  • I never, ever, thought I would see these Trail Blazers get beat by 40 points at home. But remember, home games aren’t home games this season. No fans in those seats makes a difference.