'You made the people happy'

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Shankly lives forever reads one banner in 1981 and Jurgen lives forever is seen on a similar banner
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I count myself very lucky to have been one of 60,000 present for a day at Anfield that I’ll never forget. The mad thing is that if you were to ask me about any finer details of the game, it’s more than likely I couldn’t really give you much detail about what happened. Because, for once, it felt as though the football became the support act to Jurgen Klopp’s headline show and in anticipation of that I found myself very overwhelmed.

Opposition fans or non-followers of the sport may find it hard to understand quite why a man leaving his job would have me in such an emotional state. However, this particular man has been a big part of my life for the past nine years. I’ve seen him in his place of work almost fortnightly throughout that time, making him a more regular fixture in my life than most members of my family.

So many of those occasions have been so filled with joy because of Klopp and Sunday was no different. It of course came with a tinge of sadness at the closing of one chapter but, as our departing leader acknowledged in his post-match speech, change can be a good thing and there is still so much to be hopeful about in the future.

That became the main message, if any, to take from the game. Liverpool’s bright young things came to the fore once again, with 21-year-old centre-back Jarell Quansah scoring the final goal of Klopp’s reign.

The future feels as bright as the Anfield turf on a sun-kissed Sunday. The foundations at Liverpool are still rock solid and one man has reminded us of the power of belief - reminded us of who we’ve always been.

Thank you, Jurgen. You made the people happy.

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