'Madden 20' will feature the ability to play with 10 college football teams

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Is “Madden 20” a tease to an eventual college football video game return?

The NFL game, which features reigning MVP Patrick Mahomes on the cover, will feature 10 college football teams in its latest edition. It’s the first time a licensed college football mode has been available in a video game since the NCAA Football franchise died over five years ago following the O’Bannon likeness lawsuit.

The 10 teams, including Mahomes’ old school Texas Tech, are available in a road to the NFL mode. You can be a quarterback who works his way to the pros, similar to the first-person player experiences that used to be in the old NCAA games.

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The College Football Playoff is even licensed in the game.

Given the O’Bannon suit, it seems unlikely that your fictional character’s teammates will resemble the players who are actually on the rosters of those 10 teams in 2019.

Part of the reason the NCAA game went away is because the unnamed players mimicked the characteristics of real-life players. And the real-life players weren’t compensated for their appearances in the video games.

(EA Sports)
(EA Sports)

How did this happen?

According to SB Nation, EA Sports reached individual licensing deals with the 10 schools and the game is viewed as a chance for EA Sports to show that it can have relationships with colleges in a post-O’Bannon suit world.

Ideally, the road to the NFL mode will be a stepping block for the return of the NCAA game. But with over 120 teams at college football’s top level, EA has a lot of work to do to secure licensing deals with every college football team. That could take a while. At least there’s now some optimism for a college football video game’s return, however.

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