'Mad Max: Fury Road' Composer Junkie XL Gives Sound Advice in 'Score: A Film Music Documentary' Clip

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Score: A Film Music Documentary provides an inside peek at the way directors and composers work together on a vital, but often overlooked, aspect of the movie experience. Two weeks ago, Yahoo Movies premiered an exclusive clip from director Matt Schrader’s film, in which James Cameron discussed the importance of spotting sessions — the meetings when filmmakers try to convey what they’re after to their composers. Now, we have yet another look at the doc, debuted at Collider, which focuses on Junkie XL (real name: Antonius Tom Holkenborg) and his work as composer for 2015’s best film, Mad Max: Fury Road.

In the two-minute scene (watch it above), the Dutch Dj extraordinaire, who’s provided soundtracks for a raft of hits, including Black Mass, Deadpool, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and the upcoming The Dark Tower chats about collaborating with director George Miller on his most recent post-apocalyptic Mad Max tale, which starred Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. “I try to find a general rhythm in a scene,” Junkie XL says in the clip, adding that it took him seven months of trial-and-error to get the music just right. And after discussing the very particular drum sound he sought for Fury Road, he confesses that he only knows that he’s done his job when the tunes he concocts thrill him personally: “If I make a track, it has to give me goosebumps myself.”

Also featuring interviews with Hans Zimmer, Danny Elfman, Randy Newman, Quincy Jones, Howard Shore, Alexandre Desplat, Trent Reznor, and John Williams, Score: A Film Music Documentary is in theaters now.

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