Mac Jones trade signifies end of The Patriot Way

Yahoo Sports' Jason Fitz reacts to New England trading their quarterback to the Jacksonville Jaguars and discusses why it’s the end to the most successful era in Patriots’ history.

Video Transcript

JASON FITZ: We're all aware that this is a new era in New England. But with the breaking news that the Patriots have decided to trade former starting quarterback and first round draft pick, Mac Jones, to the Jacksonville Jaguars for a late round draft pick, what we now know is that the Patriots are slamming the door on the Patriot way, at least as we know it.

It's easy to look at teams in chapters. And the Belichick-Brady chapter was absolutely iconic, something that sports will remember forever, something that maybe we're seeing the next iteration of right now with Kansas City. But when you look at Belichick without Brady, obviously, we know things didn't go well. That's why Bill is no longer there.

But the decision to remove themselves from any conversation around Mac Jones is also a reminder that the Patriots are completely closing the door on the post-Brady chapter with Belichick and starting wildly fresh. Now to me, this should end any speculation that the Patriots are not going to stay at three and take a quarterback. They don't have a quarterback on the roster right now.

And even if they sign a quarterback in free agency, it would be tough for me to believe that quarterback isn't some sort of a bridge. So this news absolutely impacts the way we look at the NFL draft to me. But also, this move also impacts the way we look at the organization overall and a reminder that the Patriots are doing what most teams do when they bring in a new coach, new staff, and a new front office.

They are absolutely rebuilding in the image of the people that now represent the Patriots. That means a complete departure from everything we've ever known. And it's a reminder that the Patriots are now a wild card when we try and figure out how they will look moving forward. Certainly, Jared Mayo has been called Belichickian in so many ways, if we can make that a word.

And we presume that he's going to come in and continue to run things the way that they have been. But isn't this move an indication that what the Patriots are telling you is that they accept their talent hasn't been good enough, they accept that the way they've been doing things has been broken, and they accept they need a new path? If the answer to that is yes-- and I believe it is-- then what we've really learned is that this is a new Patriots.

And it's time to end any conversation about the Patriot way and the way it once was. It's time to make that part of history and not part of the present, and with that, start to learn who the new Patriots will be.