Mac Jones starts; will Bailey Zappe finish?

In the aftermath of the Monday night Super Bowl XX flashback in Foxboro, the prevailing question became who’s the starting quarterback? The better question may be who’s the finishing quarterback?

Given what the Patriots did against the Bears, trotting out a two-quarterback approach to the surprise of multiple offensive players, coach Bill Belichick should have been peppered all week with questions about whether he’ll use both Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe again. The only thing we know with certainty is that Jones will start against the Jets on Sunday.

Of course, any such questions regarding whether Belichick will remove Jones for Zappe likely would have been brushed off as a “hypothetical.” That’s become Mr. Charisma’s latest pull-string catchphrase, the knee-jerk deflection for any tough question about the things that may or may not happen at the quarterback position.

Hypothetical becomes actual on Sunday, when Jones — who was completely removed from the injury report this week after being limited in practice and questionable for Week Eight — gets the start.

“You wanted it, you got it,” Belichick may be saying, or at least thinking.

Jones gets it. We’ll see later today whether he does enough to keep it.

Mac Jones starts; will Bailey Zappe finish? originally appeared on Pro Football Talk