Mac Jones explains why this Patriots team feels different than last year

Don’t tell Mac Jones that his New England Patriots are getting worse.

Second-year quarterback Mac Jones discussed how the Patriots are gelling in ways where they were not in previous years. Maybe the 2021 Patriots had more talent on paper than this 2022. But Jones expressed significant optimism about the way the 2022 Patriots have come together.

“In terms of team chemistry, I think we’ve made leaps and bounds there. As a rookie you come in, you’re kind of thrown in and everything —all the plates are hot, you know? So you kind of just try and find your feet,” Jones told reporters on Monday after the team’s first session of organized team activities. “But now this past offseason and right now we’ve just built a great relationship with the offensive line, the receivers, hanging out together, just doing things together off the field because at the end of the day, we’re all friends, we work together, we want to play for one another.

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“And that’s important to me. That’s why football is the best team sport, you can take a guy like Kendrick who brings energy every day, and then we have him over for a Hibachi party or something, so it’s just fun. Like, we always hang out and have fun and talk the talk and all that and it just builds for Sundays.”


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