Minnesota Vikings News and Links- September 21st, 2019

Daily Norseman

Good Morning! I'm completing this after midnight, so the words I type no one reads will be short and sweet. The Vikings will win this week, book it. Meanwhile, let's carry on with our news and links open thread full of beer recommendations, nap strategies, crock pot and smoker recipes. Drop by for some fan wisdom, snark and go ahead drop by the dojo and have a beer, it's the weekend. Around the DN since our last open thread: Climbing The Pocket: Episode 170 Raiders Preview featuring Bill Williamson, hosted by Jayson Brown. Skelly10 notes Stefon Diggs is Number 9 on 'NFL 100 Greatest' with The Minneapolis Miracle. Norse Code Podcast Episode 288: Vontaze Me Bro - featuring Seth Murphy, hosted by

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