Reece Fountain makes a big promise to Colts fans

The Indianapolis Star

Join insiders Joel A. Erickson and Jim Ayello as they discuss, Brissett, Luck and how the Colts look now that camp has ended. Reece Fountain has big plans for his comeback. The second-year Indianapolis Colts receiver posted Thursday his vow to return better than ever. "I made a promise after my rookie season that I was going to come back 10 times the player that I was my rookie season," Fountain said in a tweet as he was seated at the Colts complex. "I'll promise y'all this now: From this injury, I'm going to come back 100 times the player that y'all saw me in camp." Fountain, a seventh-round draft pick in 2018 who played little as a rookie, was in the thick of a competitive battle for a roster

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