Only one question matters this Mariners season: How is the step back affecting the step forward?

The Seattle Times

This has been a Mariners season of extremes, where ecstasy and agony have each made cameo appearances, and a sense of dread coexists with the underlying motif of hope. And that's just on fly balls to the outfield. Let's face it, the Mariners have toyed with our emotions far more than expected in 2019. They went off-script immediately with a 13-2 start. It was as exhilarating as it was bizarre, with the unfortunate side effect of prompting temporary amnesia. Many people forgot, or at least ignored, that this was supposed to be a season of growth and nurturing, not competing for a title. And then, just when expectations had been re-arranged and raised beyond reason, the Mariners thudded back to

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