Orioles savor streak-snapping win: 'I wish we could win a little bit more to make it more rewarding'

Baltimore Sun

Orioles manager Brandon Hyde was giving his post-game MASN broadcast interview after the team's 9-6 win over the Colorado Rockies, snapping a seven-game losing streak, when the auto-flush on the toilet on the other side of the wall kicked in, mid-answer. The levity it brought belied that this, finally, was not a game the Orioles will want to flush and move on from. At least not as quickly as the others. It's been a while, so this win was a necessary one for more than just morale. "There was some celebration going on after the game," Hyde said. "There's no doubt about it. I want the guys to enjoy every win, because it's so hard to do. It's not easy to win in the big leagues, period, so you better

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