Cubs fans: Will Sinclair convince your team to copy Dodgers with a TV blackout?

Los Angeles Times

In those not-so-good-old-days when Frank and Jamie McCourt owned the Dodgers, Jamie introduced herself to Los Angeles by criticizing previous ownership for not setting the attendance bar high enough. “They should have been drawing 4 million fans, not 3 million fans,” she told The Times in 2004. We laughed, but guess what? On Sunday, the Dodgers play their final home game of the regular season. Their attendance should hit 3.98 million. If the Dodgers had one more home game, they would exceed 4 million. The Dodgers have sold 3 million tickets in 18 of the past 19 years. The exception: 2011, when a fan boycott helped chase the McCourts out of the owners' box and into bankruptcy court. The Dodgers

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