Seahawks News 3/22: Should Seahawks Sign Jermaine Kearse?

Field Gulls

Seahawks re-signing Jermaine Kearse might be smart move Seahawks might think twice about re-signing Jermaine Kearse. With Doug Baldwin struggling physically, should Seattle re-sign an old friend? Seahawks Mailbag: Breakout Players, Free Agency, Ichiro & More You had Seahawks questions; we have answers. Thursday Round-Up: Cliff Avril Featured In Macklemore's Newest Music Video Seahawks Legend Cliff Avril is featured in collaboration of Macklemore and Why Don't We's newest music video for 'I Don't Belong In This Club.' Analysis: Re-ranking the Seahawks' positions of need following the first wave of free agency | The Seattle Times Reassessing Seattle's roster after the first week of the free agent

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