Vegas Play of the Day: Twins at Angels

Las Vegas Sun

The fifth season of the annual Play of the Day betting competition between the Sun's sports staff is now under way, effective July 1. Bankrolls start at $10,000 for each of the four participants, with the objective to increase it as much as possible over the next year. The minimum daily wager is $300, with a $200 penalty assessed for failing to place a bet on an assigned day. Past winners are Case Keefer in 2017-2018, Ray Brewer in 2016-2017 and 2015-2016, and Taylor Bern in 2014-2015. Minnesota Twins minus-120 at Los Angeles Angels, $480 to win $400: Who thought the Twins would be this good? Seriously, if you're not paying attention you'll miss their 32-16 record and plus-81 run differential,

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