Rhys Hoskins Trolled The Mets With A Leisurely Stroll Around The Bases


Brawny Phillies slugger Rhys Hoskins smashed a moonshot homer to left in the top of the ninth inning of Philadelphia's 6–0 win over the Mets Tuesday night. The dinger came at the expense of Mets reliever Jacob Rhame, who then had to endure Hoskins taking a looooooong time to round the bases: What was described in the broadcast as Hoskins taking the time to “soak this all in” was, in fact, Hoskins specifically trolling Rhame, his vanquished foe. Rhame and Hoskins have some recent history, you see—just the night before, dugouts timidly emptied when Rhame threw behind Hoskins in the ninth inning of a blowout Mets win. Rhame's wild pitch was seen, by the Phillies at least, as the final act in a series

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