Fantasy Football Week 11 Round-Up: Michael Thomas Is Only Reliable WR1

KFH Radio

One position absolutely dominated the fantasy football leaderboards in Week 11. In Week 8, all three of the top scorers in fantasy football were non-QBs. In Week 9, one of the top three scorers was a non-QB. And last week, two of three were non-QBs. This week, the top three fantasy scorers were Josh Allen, Lamar Jackson, and Jimmy Garoppolo - all quarterbacks. Spots four and five belonged to two more quarterbacks, as Dak Prescott and Jeff Driskel battled back and forth in an exciting shootout. Kyler Murray and Sam Darnold took spots six and seven. Finally, at the No. 8 spot, wide receiver John Brown finally broke the quarterback pattern. All in all, 10 of the 12 highest scorers from Week 11 were

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