John Means built a nice case for Rookie of the Year, even if he probably won't win

Camden Chat

If someone would have sat you down eight or nine months ago and said to you that the Orioles would have a top 3 finisher in the Rookie of the Year voting, that would have been an exciting thing to know. If they told you that player was John Means, that would have been harder to believe. The former 11th round pick was never really a top O's prospect, wasn't one of the guys you were probably counting on to be key to eventually turn this rebuilding project into a good baseball team. Here we are in the middle of November and Means is in the top 3 for ROY, with a chance to be the first Orioles player to win that award since Gregg Olson in 1989. If he finishes in second place, he'll be the first Oriole

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