Steve Kerr pushes for Warriors to re-sign Kevon Looney to long-term deal

NBCS Bay Area

LOS ANGELES – Steve Kerr doesn't often publicly discuss personnel matters faced by the Warriors. Those questions, he will say, are for general manager Bob Myers. The coach made an exception Friday. He expressed his desire that the team re-signs center Kevon Looney to a long-term contract when he becomes a free agent in July. “I was terrified all last year, after we denied the option, that we were going to lose him,” Kerr said. “He was great last year. But it was a bad free-agent market for the players last summer. People just didn't have money. So, we got lucky in terms of being able to keep him. And he's turned into such a good player for us. “I'm really, really hoping that we can keep him long

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