NFL Analyst Picks MVP Winner

CBS Sports Radio

With all due respect to Christian McCaffrey, the NFL MVP award has seemingly become a two-man race between Lamar Jackson and Russell Wilson. Both quarterbacks have been unbelievable for their respective teams. Jackson has thrown for 2,258 yards, rushed for a team-high 788 yards and has 25 touchdowns (19 pass, six rush) to just five interceptions for the Ravens (8-2), while Wilson has thrown for 2,737 yards, rushed for 256 and has 26 touchdowns (23 pass, three rush) to just two interceptions for the Seahawks (8-2). Ultimately, which one is the MVP? “I did not think I would be saying this at the beginning of the year – just because I thought he had a lot of work to do, a lot of room to grow –

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