Around the Empire: Yankees news

Pinstripe Alley
Around the Empire: Yankees news
Around the Empire: Yankees news | Bryan Hoch: Okay, this isn't really news, as odds are you just watched it happen. I don't care. I want you to click this link. I want you to watch the video of Gary Sanchez hitting that go-ahead dinger. Look at where the ball is right before the Kraken socks it into the left field seats. I want you to appreciate the talent it takes to hit that ball as hard as Gary did. I want you to enjoy Ken Singleton's call. I want you to understand that the Orioles missed an easy pop-up catch which led to this three-run dong. Savor it. That's baseball. Thank you for indulging my fluff. Now, onto the news. | Bryan Hoch: Didi Gregorius is the world's best human. I've missed seeing him in pinstripes.

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