Days from 19, Jaret Anderson-Dolan seeks to make Kings

Orange County Register

EL SEGUNDO — Jaret Anderson-Dolan on Friday walked up to chat with a reporter following the first day of Kings rookie camp. He didn't smile, nor did he frown. But he had a look in his eyes that said, “I am one fierce dude.” Some 30 minutes earlier, Mike Stothers was asked to assess Anderson-Dolan. “I just think that kid is driven,” said Stothers, the head coach of the Ontario Reign who runs Kings rookie camp. “His intensity level is off the charts. A lot of kids are a little bit more carefree, laid back. Like, anything he does, he gives a serious focus to.” Stothers said he expects that kind of personality will help Anderson-Dolan “be a King before too long.” Anderson-Dolan won't be 19 until

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