We made a 68-player NBA 1-on-1 March Madness bracket. Who wins?

SB Nation

We all love making custom March Madness brackets. We also love imagining our favorite NBA players going mano a mano against each other. It seems obvious to put these two things together. So, we did. Presenting SB Nation's NBA One On One Tournament! The (brief) ground rules: We split the bracket up into four regions: guards, wings, big men, and unicorns. There's plenty of overlap in those last three categories, so I took some creative liberties to balance those regions. Each game is to 11, playing by 1s and 2s. Make it, take it. Not the fairest system, but screw it. Let's get weird. This season's performance is more heavily weighed than other factors, because otherwise, we'd have the same bracket

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