How the new dead ball is faking out players, fans and even cameramen

It was a deep fly ball off the top of the wall that set up one of the loudest storylines of this postseason: Ronald Acuna Jr. "hoisted a mighty blast that wasn't quite as mighty as he believed" in Game 1 of the National League Division Series, began an early home run trot that cost him a double, then got chastised by his Atlanta Braves teammates and his "beyond miffed" manager. Acuna's presumption was, presumably, also noted by his opponents. "I was always aware when a runner made a mistake like that," TBS broadcaster Ron Darling said during the game. All that laid the groundwork for the ninth inning, when Acuna hit one much farther, made an even more demonstrative show of celebrating it as it soared (truly, this time) into the bleachers, made the St. Louis Cardinals very mad, got himself both buzzed and drilled by fastballs later in the series, and had words with both Carlos Martinez and Jack Flaherty.

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