‘I’m there’… Barcelona midfielder offers his support to Yamal

‘I’m there’… Barcelona midfielder offers his support to Yamal
‘I’m there’… Barcelona midfielder offers his support to Yamal

In the upcoming UEFA EURO 2024, most of the Barcelona fans will have their eyes set on the Spanish national team’s campaign in particular, as there are several Blaugrana players in their ranks.

The likes of Pedri, Fermin Lopez, Ferran Torres, and Lamine Yamal, will also be at Luis de la Fuente’s disposal as La Roja try to get back to the summit of European football after more than a decade of having won their last EURO title.

Despite his physical problems, the midfielder Pedri appeared to be in top shape for this tournament as he scored two goals in a recent friendly against Northern Ireland. He appeared in the first press conference undertaken by the Spanish team and made several interesting comments.

As SPORT has reported, one such comment was related to one of his Barcelona teammates, who is going to experience his first major international tournament, i.e., Lamine Yamal.

When asked whether he helps the winger with advice, the midfielder commented: “I have few pieces of advice to give to Lamine. On the field, he doesn’t think much; he’s more about acting. I’m there to help him if he has any doubts.”

Furthermore, Pedri also provided an update on his physical condition ahead of the big tournament and highlighted his changed role in the Spanish team:

“I feel very good physically, I am eager to face the match against Croatia. I arrive at this Eurocup in one of the best moments of this season. I have no fear on the field and the coach trusts me a lot. With Spain, I play in a much more advanced position. I have more opportunities to get into the box.”

The midfielder also highlighted the main strength of the Spanish team in the upcoming competition:

“Our greatest asset is that we are a team, a family. A team will always beat a single player. We are a family on and off the field, and that must be evident on the pitch. We’ve talked about it, and it’s a motivation.”

“If I had to say who our leader is, I would say it’s the team. There are many players who help us, like the captains. But the big difference from other teams is that we are a team and there are no stars.”

Building on the comments from the likes of Nico Williams, it is clear that Lamine Yamal is getting a lot of help and guidance while training with his national team.

Hopefully, the 16-year-old Barcelona winger will be able to make the most of this advice and will go on to achieve the potential that he has shown in the last season.